Even in the best of economies, starting a new venture is a difficult process. While failure rates are often overstated — rather than 1 in 5 firms surviving five years, the real number is closer to half — the fact is that most are not doing much more than surviving. Few actually thrive.
   In the current economic climate it is more important than ever for startups to be properly prepared when talking to investors, and to have timely advice about technology and the economy.
   According to a recent article in the top management research journal, “…effective presentation of content is just as important as the content itself. Thus, our advice for entrepreneurs is this: if you are passionate about your business idea,
do your homework and do it well, then go out and let the potential investors know that you are prepared and poised.”[emphasis added]
InVenture‘s coaching and advisory services can help you make sure that your firm is one of those that thrives.
InVenture offers a unique combination of expertise in the areas of Strategic Management, Economics, and Technological Innovation. Client projects have ranged from business plan preparation and pro-formas to engineering assistance.
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